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Announcement: GrEARN Chain (GST) Exchange Listing on CoffeeOKEX

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Dear Users:

At 18:00 Singapore time on November 12, 2018, from 18:00 to November 19, 18:00, the number of purchases + sales is not included in the top 100 of the 20000GST, and the following rewards are available.

1st place: 100000GST

2nd place: 60000GST

3rd place: 30000GST

4th place: 20000GST

5th place: 15000GST

6-20: 5000GST
21-50th: 2000GST

51-100th: 1000GST

The list will be published within three working days after the end of the event, and rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the event ends.

and also

CoFFeeOKEx is scheduled to open the GrEARN (GST) recharge business at 18:00 on November 9th, Singapore time. On November 12th, 18:00 will open GST/USDT, GST/BTC, GST/ETH transactions on the main board. The GST withdrawal business will be opened at 18:00 on November 14.

Issue price:


A deposit of 20,000 OKB has been submitted and the lock is 66 days.

The trigger margin is the price of the currency below 0.007/USDT for more than 12 hours.


Click here to view GST currency information: http://www.coffeeokex.org/project_display

risk warning:

Before the user fills in the currency, it is recommended to read the prompt of the coin replenishment page carefully to avoid being unable to check the account because it is less than the minimum credit amount. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. Digital assets are innovative investment products, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please rationally judge your investment ability and make investment decisions prudently.


I wish you a happy transaction!