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Singapore wants to be crypto hub, not just speculate on cryptocurrency trading

According to Ravi Menon, managing director of Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary, the country aspires to be a hub for digital assets but not for speculating on cryptocurrencies. Menon said...
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7 blockchain businesses have joined Mastercard’s cryptocurrency accelerator

The leading provider of global payments, Mastercard, continues to assist blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses as part of its fintech accelerator, the Mastercard Start Path programme. In order to encourage the...
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UBS introduces hybrid digital bond

The 375 million Swiss franc ($370 million) bond issued by UBS AG is the first digital bond ever to be openly traded and paid on both blockchain-based and conventional exchanges,...
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Finally, Ethereum completes The Merge

The Merge was successfully completed by Ethereum, ushering in Ethereum 2.0. The proof-of-stake (PoS) model, which aims to increase the security and scalability of the network, has officially replaced the...
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White House’s crypto framework is criticised as a “lost opportunity”

Critics argued that the Biden administration’s assessments were more concerned with the negative effects of cryptocurrency on the environment than with the positive aspects of the technology. After US President...
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DBS, South East Asia’s largest bank, enters the Metaverse

The largest bank in Southeast Asia, DBS, disclosed a cooperation with The Sandbox on Friday. The Sandbox is a virtual environment where users can create, control, and make money from...
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Chinese state-backed open-source blockchain partners with HSBC and Emperor Group in Hong Kong

Spartan Network, a blockchain infrastructure initiative intended at encouraging companies outside of mainland China to embrace the distributed ledger technology without the use of cryptocurrency, has been officially launched by...
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Australia plans to implement token mapping

According to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Australia will carry out the cryptocurrency mapping procedure as the first nation. Token mapping entails defining the properties of particular cryptocurrencies, including well-known joke...
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Workforce in the blockchain sector grows by 80%

Blockchain technology is one of the most popular trends in business, banking, and many other industries this year, according to a study. As a result of cryptocurrencies’ recent popularity spike,...
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