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Dogecoin prices rise as Elon Musk reacts to a new McDonald’s teaser

McDonald’s prior Twitter spat with “Dogefather” Elon Musk may have had unintended repercussions, but based on the international fast-food giant’s latest statement, Dogecoin supporters are certain that McDonald’s will soon accept Dogecoin for purchases. After causing a stir with a cryptic tweet in late January that drew the attention of crypto aficionados, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded with the “sweat drips” emoji, implying that he’s nervous about a prospective revelation.

The image of a drive-through with the enormous wheels of a truck barely visible behind the glare of headlights appears in McDonald’s cryptic tweet. The numbers “2.13.22” lingered above the floating “M” on the image, which is the date of this year’s Super Bowl. On Twitter, the brand followed its announcement with another stating, “brb setting my alarm for 6:20pm ET tomorrow”, which according to CBS Sports, is 10 minutes before the official start time of Super Bowl LVI.

The teaser, however, turned out to be intended at Kanye West, an American producer, rapper, and fashion designer, and a commercial campaign including him. Billy Markus, co-creator of DOGE, asked his Twitter followers why they felt McDonald’s would adopt DOGE. “If you believed the storey, thoroughly evaluate your thought process and who you were listening to, since it was a fairly dumb one,” Markus advised.

However, the mistaken excitement over the McDonald’s tweet has once again pushed Dogecoin’s value higher in the crypto market, according to Gadgets 360’s Crypto Price Tracker, which shows DOGE has gained 5.46 percent in value since Sunday.

In late January, Musk stated that if McDonald’s takes Dogecoin, he will eat a happy meal on TV. When Musk announced this offer, the dog-themed currency had a brief reaction. In the current cryptocurrency market rebound, Dogecoin has been sluggish. The meme cryptocurrency is up 117 percent year to date, but if McDonald’s decides to accept DOGE payments, it will be a major coup for DOGE and might help it break out of its stalemate.