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KuCoin staff received $100,000 bonus in cryptocurrencies

Johnny Lyu is the CEO and cofounder of KuCoin, a significant cryptocurrency exchange in the world. KuCoin, which was founded in 2017, has quickly grown in popularity to become one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Lyu, who is located in Asia, the company has over 10 million members in 207 countries and regions throughout the world.

The exchange has hundreds of tokens to choose from and charges relatively modest fees. KuCoin does not have a licence to operate in the United States at this time. Because the corporation is based in the Seychelles, it is exempt from US restrictions.

Last year, KuCoin Exchange self-reported a cumulative trading volume of about $1 trillion, with an average daily trading volume of $3 billion. This puts the company in the top ten cryptocurrency companies. As a year-end bonus, more than 90% of employees earned at least six months’ income. Additionally, up to 12 months of income was given as a bonus to 5% of employees who did well across key measures. The highest bonus tier is worth more than $100,000.

Lyu remarked of his business, “We are delighted to have the most adaptable personnel that value teamwork over individual success. Without their hard work and dedication, we would not be able to flourish in 2021. All of our staff received year-end bonuses as a consequence of their tremendous commitment to making KuCoin a major global cryptocurrency exchange.”

Employees can choose between receiving payment in fiat currency, bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies. Approximately half of the workforce likes to work from home.

A fresh project was just announced by the company. Lyu recognises the metaverse’s long-term growth potential, stating that it will alter how people work, connect, shop, entertain, generate money, and interact socially. The KuCoin Metaverse Fund was established by the organisation. With a $100 million fund, it aims to expedite the maturation of the burgeoning blockchain category by bolstering the application of blockchain technology to a Web3 version of metaverse.

KuCoin Labs will fund projects that are part of the KuCoin Metaverse Fund. It will give project incubation, primary market investment, business partnership support, branding and marketing support, and a go-to-market plan if accepted into the programme.