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Malaysia’s first NFT festival happening in June

M1NTED, a two-day event on June 4 and 5 at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac), will immerse you in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is a two-part event organised by The Livescape Group, an award-winning creative and business incubator centred in Southeast Asia.

What exactly are NFTs? An NFT can be made out of any digital object, including photographs, movies, music, texts, and tweets. It is usually programmed in the same way as cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum, is programmed. However, unlike cryptocurrencies, which are fungible, meaning they can be exchanged or sold for one another, each NFT has a digital signature that makes it unique and unchangeable (hence, non-fungible).

M1NTED’s goal is to educate the general population about NFTs. The event is open to everyone, from professionals and aficionados to the general public who may be unfamiliar with this phenomenon. There will be a diverse range of speakers, panel discussions on art, gaming, and music, NFT showcases, and other entertaining events.

“As the world embraces web3, NFTs cannot be overlooked. M1NTED, we feel, can be a platform for idealists, futurists, and the most crucial part of all movements, the community, to connect, cooperate, and co-create,” says Iqbal Ameer, founder and CEO of The Livescape Group.

A decentralised online ecosystem based on blockchain technology is referred to as Web3. Unlike much of what we’re used to now, when a large portion of communication and commerce occurs on closed platforms controlled by a few strong businesses, the idea is that platforms based on Web3 will be controlled by users, who will assist to develop and maintain these services.

Artists who want to exhibit their NFTs at the ConFest can fill out a Google Form. The ConFest registration will open on May 1st. M1NTED has over 11K Twitter followers as of today. It will be interesting to see the how the turnout is comparatively.