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Samsung Smart TVs to have NFT support

Samsung has jumped on the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) bandwagon, announcing that you’ll soon be able to gaze at your digital artwork on its new smart TVs. Starting with this year’s MicroLED, Neo QLED, and The Frame smart TV lines, the business is unveiling a new “NFT Aggregation Platform.”

Users will be able to browse and buy NFTs that have been gathered from numerous marketplaces through Samsung’s platform, albeit the exact marketplaces have yet to be divulged. Of course, you’ll be able to see whatever NFT artwork you own on the TVs, which are designed to serve as your primary NFT hub.

“With the growing popularity of NFTs, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented watching and purchase landscape has never been higher,” the business stated in a statement. “In 2022, Samsung will launch the world’s first TV-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator, a ground-breaking platform that allows you to browse, purchase, and show your favourite art in one location.”

This platform, according to Samsung, will allow producers to “share their art with the world” and potential customers to take a look at the NFTs first before purchase, and learn about its history as well as blockchain metadata.

When it comes to watching NFTs on Samsung’s 2022 televisions, the company is also paying attention to the finer points. Users will be able to preview relevant metadata such as the original creator of the item as well as the NFT’s blockchain history while browsing, according to Samsung. Users will also be able to trade NFTs on the site.

Samsung’s NFT platform will have smart calibration, which will automatically change the display settings to the original creator’s preset values in order to retain how the digital artwork was intended to look. Square Enix, Twitter, and even Louis Vuitton have all embraced NFTs, and now the IT giant has joined them.