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Singapore’s first NFT bar and lounge opens

The Parlour Singapore was founded by Jaye Foo, local musician and entrepreneur, to provide a location for NFT communities to develop and exist in the real world. It will be the go-to place for those looking to meet like-minded people in the NFT and Web3 communities. Web3 communities have emerged out of their shell since their early days, when they were characterised by anonymity. To create trust among supporters and assure them of the initiative’s integrity, project founders have begun to divulge their identities.

In partnership with local NFT programmes, the Parlour has already organised a number of events. Tammy Tay, a Singaporean influencer, for example, arranged a community meet-up for her project. The Parlour Singapore was instrumental in assisting us in hosting our first community meet-up. As a result, we were able to meet a variety of people in our community. “We can’t wait to meet more other project owners in this physical space because the owner is also an NFT enthusiast,” Tay remarked.

Foo hopes that The Parlour will serve as a springboard for NFT projects and artists, characterising it as a “safe space to showcase intriguing new work and discuss the technology’s possibilities.”

The Parlour is a two-storey restaurant with a bar that serves craft beer alongside Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. Patrons will also have access to a designated lounge where they may mix and socialise. Custom displays featuring NFT art pieces are hung on the walls. These include QR codes that may be scanned to learn more about the artwork or to purchase it.

The Singaporean NFT community may appear to some to be a highly niche target audience, however that does not appear to be the case. According to Foo, the response has been phenomenal, with “an average of 100 attendees per event,” demonstrating the strength of the NFT community.

With the Covid-19 restrictions on the wane, events at The Parlour are bound to heat up even further. “It must have been the Karafuru NFT event because the founders came all the way from Indonesia,” Foo adds when asked about his favourite so far. The community’s participation was outstanding. Members could also compete in a dance-off to gain whitelist spots.”

Foo plans to introduce NFT workshops and speeches at The Parlour in the near future. “NFTs are appropriate for people of all ages and for all types of enterprises, including traditional ones.” “Anyone can discover a way to use them with the correct education and direction,” he adds.

The Parlour, being a Web3-focused pub and club, gives its employees bonuses in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Patrons will be able to pay with cryptocurrency in the near future, according to the venue. “We intend to team up with a payment gateway to take cryptocurrency and pool our funds for future profit,” Foo explains. “I think cryptocurrency is a wonderful investment, and I’d like to share this opportunity with my staff.”

In addition, The Parlour may have its own NFT collection in the works in the future. Over the course of the past year, Foo has become a complete believer in the space.